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How to sell a car for repair or scrap in Saudi Arabia 2021 What are the procedures for opening a car repair shop? What are the documents required to work in the rehabilitation? Is car repair a huge profitable profession? All these questions and more revolve in the minds of individuals wishing to work in this ancient profession, so they want to know everything related to it in detail to succeed and provide services at the highest level to customers from all over the world, and with the emergence of new brands of cars there are many markets besides selling cars where There is a market for the sale of various auto parts and the market for the repair of damaged cars, and this type of market is what we will talk about in our article and everything related to it and its services in full.

Auto repair shop

Auto repair shop
Auto repair shop

Together, through the following paragraphs, we learn about the most important services that make the auto repair shop the first thing that comes to the minds of individuals when cars are exposed to accidents, and these services are as follows:

  • The shop provides exclusive services that enable customers to buy and sell all types and brands of used and damaged cars from anywhere in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The shop also provides you with excellent services related to repair and obtaining cars from it at the best prices.
  • All customers wishing to rely on auto repair shops can call their numbers at any time to find out about the repair services available to them and to purchase cars with ease.
  • The repair shop offers its services to customers in various Saudi cities and governorates.

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How to sell the car for repair 

The process of selling repair cars is carried out by following a set of routine steps in the car repair shop in its various branches in all governorates of the Kingdom. These steps are as follows:

  1. In the beginning, if you are one of the owners of scrap cars and want to get rid of them and sell them, visit one of the specialized repair centers near you to complete this service and then follow the rest of the procedures.
  2. After arriving at the center, you will be obligated to clarify the basic details of the car.
  3. Then, after taking all the data, and after that, the price and price of selling the car is agreed upon, whether it is a car repair, and the sales contract is documented after that.
  4. The next step for car dealership is to submit the required papers to the Saudi Traffic Office to complete the rest of the procedures.
  5. In the meantime, some fees are to be paid to revoke the ownership of the car, renew licenses and roaming fine.
  6. After completing the payment of these amounts, the Traffic Department will give you some documents and papers that you direct to the site of the car repair shop to complete the transfer of ownership and sell it correctly.
  7. You can also contact a shop for buying different repair vehicles by calling the customer service number for all governorates of the Kingdom.

Documents required to sell the car for repair 

There are some papers and documents that must be submitted to the auto repair shop

  •  In the event that you want to sell the car for repair, these papers include the following:
  • All documents and certificates related to the ownership of the vehicle and its chassis number shall be submitted.
  • Two copies of the national identity card of the owner of the car or the owner of the vehicle must be submitted.
  • One of the documents required to sell the car in any repair shop in the Kingdom is a copy of the civil status card.
  • A blank form to write the car owner’s data. It is one of the papers that must be available with the individual if he wants to sell the car for repair, and it is required that the form be valid.

Services for the purchase of repair cars in the Kingdom

Auto repair shop
Auto repair shop

If you are looking for a reliable car repair shop in the Kingdom to buy and sell cars of any type, we provide you with all these requests at the best price, and the services available in the shop are as follows:

  • All types of cars are repaired with the latest and oldest brands in the world.
  • You can buy used and wrecked cars from the shop at the highest price that suits your budget.
  • Providing spare parts for all types of cars is one of the distinguished services offered in the repair shop.
  • Providing trained customer service to respond to all questions and inquiries that customers wish to know before buying or selling cars for repair.
  • Providing a specialized and trained team at the highest level to deal with all types of cars, inspect them fully, and determine the appropriate price for them according to these factors.

Conditions for car repair

Through the following paragraphs, we will mention together the most important conditions set by the car repair shop for this service to be carried out legally and correctly. These conditions are as follows:

  • It is required to submit proof of the vehicle being dropped and that it is certified by the Saudi Traffic Center.
  • One of the main conditions of armament is that the owner of the car to be sold by armament should attend the repair process in the shop.
  • It is required that the owner of the car bring the plates of the car number with him to complete the rest of the repair procedures, and the form must be submitted and be valid for use and valid.
  • If a citizen wishing to repair his cars is a Saudi national, he must submit an original copy of the Saudi Civil Status Card.
  • If he is an individual residing in the Kingdom and desires to be armed, he must submit proof that he resides in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with his file.
  • It is required to pay the value of the traffic fines for the car to be sold in the repair centers or sites.
  • Also, sales requests for completely damaged cars or even transfer of ownership are not accepted.
  • If the car is one of the cars offered for sale in the shop, its form must be renewed in order for the sale to take place in a legal way.
  • Communication with one of the recognized car repair centers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the conditions imposed to obtain this service.

What are the fees required to repair the car?

There is a set of sums of money that you will pay when you request car sales services in a car repair shop to make this process legal and correct, and these amounts are as follows:

  • The value of the traffic fines on the car shall be paid if this is proven.
  • The full value of the form update is also paid for it to be valid.
  • Paying the financial value of the floating fine is one of the sums to be paid at the autopsy place to complete the sale process.
  • As soon as all these sums of money are paid in the offices designated for them, the traffic department will submit papers proving that the plates have been dropped and that the ownership of the car has been transferred in full.

Steps to drop the wrecking car

Auto repair shop
Auto repair shop

The steps to drop the auto repair shop are as follows:

  1. At the beginning of the steps, the papers stating the completion of the vehicle sale process are submitted to one of the repair centers shown in the form to the Saudi Traffic.
  2. After that, you will be connected to the best personnel working in the rehabilitation with recognized qualifications and who have long experience in this field until you get it in a distinctive way.
  3. The vehicle registration form must be valid, and the value must be paid.
  4. The next step to follow in this process is to pay the value of the traffic violations attached to the car whose license plates are to be dropped after the repair, so that the drop procedures are carried out in a correct manner.

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